Padic, Inc.

Padic, Inc. was founded in 1991 by Dick and Patty Haayen as a full service private investigation firm. Initial work was focused on skip tracing and insurance fraud investigation in the greater North Texas area.

Three years later, Padic, Inc. formed its Environmental Research Division, which initially worked for large insurance joint defense groups involved in oil and gas Super Fund disputes. Padic, Inc. now works across the country in a wide variety of environmental issues.

In 2001, Padic, Inc. created a Financial Services Division specializing in pre-loan due diligence reports for large international banks. The experience that was gained working for these financial institutions allowed Padic, Inc. to expand its investigative abilities to cover all 50 states and multiple foreign countries.

In 2008, Padic, Inc. added Process Service to its list of ways to assist clients, and it now has the ability to deliver papers anywhere in the country.

Padic Private Investigation

Today the Company is still family owned. Padic, Inc. employs a full time office staff of five, in addition to multiple surveillance, field investigation and process service contractors. Padic, Inc. now covers the entire investigative spectrum ranging from pre-employment screening to foreign asset location.

Our Team

Dick Kaayen

Dick Haayen

Dick started his career as a private investigator in 1991 and one year later he founded Padic, Inc. He currently serves as the President of Padic, Inc., handling all of the day-to-day operations of the Company. Past education and experience includes a BA in Economics from Western Illinois University, three years in the military with the 1st Special Forces Group and several corporate sales positions within a variety of industries.

Dick currently serves as Vice Chair of the Board of Regents at North Central Texas College. He enjoys scuba diving with Patty around the world, occasionally racing his car, and long distance shooting.

Patty Haayen

Patty Haayen

In addition to being the majority owner of Padic, Inc. Patty also runs the company’s environmental division. Patty’s involvement in environmental investigation began 17 years ago working on Super Fund Sites in Texas. She has now run large-scale environmental investigations in 22 states. Patty holds a BBA from Southern Methodist University and stays active in the community coaching high school competitive speaking, a Commissioner on the Housing Authority Board and serving as president of the Butterfield Stage Community Theater.

Patty also travels with Dick for diving and exploration of the world. She is frequently with her grandchildren in Dallas and New Orleans.


Sarah A. Hess

Sarah has been working at Padic, Inc. since graduating from LeTourneau University in 2005 with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Kinesiology. She is the office manager, a notary public, and a private process server certified by the State of Texas. When she is not working, she enjoys riding horses and playing golf.


Kim Whitford

Kim joined Padic, Inc. in June 2015. She has a diverse background in marketing and administration, commercial real estate, and the oil and gas industry in small private companies to international corporations.

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Katie Wilhoit

Katie joined Padic, Inc. in September 2020. She has 15 years background in the healthcare industry along with experience in real estate, oil and gas industry and the 2 years working as a legal assistant. When she is not working, she is enjoys hanging out with her friends and family.

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Erica Lathan

Erica joined Padic, Inc. in February 2021. She has years of experience in safety/compliance, official record indexing and default mortgage management. In her spare time, she bakes and gardens with her family.


Anna Albright

Anna joined Padic, Inc. in July 2021. Anna holds a BS in Interdisciplinary Agriculture with a double minor in Secondary Education and Equine Science from Sam Houston State University. She has 7 years of experience in agricultural education and animal sciences as well as 3 years of experience as a freelance writer and author. When she is not working, she enjoys reading, spending time in the great outdoors, hanging out with family and friends, training, and riding horses.

Member Of These Professional Associations

  • The National Association of Investigative Specialist
  • American Society of Industrial Security
  • Texas Association of Licensed Investigators
  • The World Association of Detectives
  • Texas Commission on Private Security License Number A-7188